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Important Signs You Need to See Your Dentist

Here are some of the important signs that you need to visit the dentist:

  • Toothache: toothache can be very painful, and can often indicate infection, disease, decay or injury.

  • Bleeding Gums when brushing or flossing: Bleeding gums are not normal and may mean you have an infection.

  • Hot and Cold Sensitivity: If you are experiencing increased sensitivity to hot and cold, tooth decay, or a cracked tooth are both possibilities.

  • Persistent bad breath: You could have some underlying health issues if this is the case, or you could simply need to see the Hygienist.

  • Jaw pain: Can have many causes, and you may have an underlying issue you are not aware of.

  • Difficulty eating, swallowing or sleeping: It is not normal to have issues with any of the above.

  • Not happy with your smile: If your smile is affecting your confidence, talk to us. There are many options available.​

  • Medical condition: Some medical conditions and some medications can contribute to oral health problems.

  • Dry Mouth: Always feeling parched can be the sign of a medical issue or a side effect from your medication.

  • Pregnancy: It is absolutely safe to see the dentist when pregnant, but pregnancy can make some dental issues worse.

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