Latest technology & procedures

Cerec Omnicam

We have recently purchased the CEREC Omnicam, the world’s most advanced intra-oral camera. The Omnicam helps with our analysis and understanding of your dental health and also significantly speeds up and streamlines procedures.

The Omnicam provides even more precision in preparing a new CEREC ceramic tooth  and also allows us to easily take digital impressions for complex crown, bridge and implant cases. These digital impressions can then be emailed to the laboratory for real-time communication with the technician.

Using the Omnicam we can readily understand how teeth occlude, make immediate anterior bridges if required and no longer need to take impressions. The Omnicam precisely scans the tooth in 3D, replicating the image on the CEREC computer screen. Your dentist can show you the full colour 3D image or even play back video of your mouth examination. We expect the Omnicam will contribute to better all round patient care.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays vastly speed up our ability to diagnose dental problems, allowing for immediate image preview and availability. This form of X-ray is also safer than traditional x-ray, reducing radiation by as much as 80%.

X-rays are amongst the most valuable tools we have for keeping your mouth and teeth healthy. Understanding the structure of your mouth means we can quickly diagnose problems that may not be apparent from just a visual examination. Problems could include tiny pits of decay between teeth, decay that is developing under a filling, cracks or damage to a filling, possible bone loss associated with gum disease, root canal issues or abnormalities such as cysts.

Wayne uses a combination of intraoral and extraoral radiographs. The image is sent electronically to a computer in the treatment room where the image appears on screen and Wayne can share this with you the patient and explain any issues.

CEREC Ceramic Reconstruction

The CEREC method is a chairside CAD/CAM restorative procedure which Riccarton Dentists was an early pioneer of. These one visit tooth coloured ceramic restorations are a simple and convenient way of restoring strength to teeth that have been weakened by old amalgam fillings. Over twenty years of study on this material proves its longevity. Key advantages of the procedure are that it enables patients to keep as much of their existing tooth as possible, procedures are carried out in one visit, with no temporaries or need for a second appointment. Read more about CEREC here.

Odyssey 2.4G Diode Laser

Riccarton Dentists use laser assisted therapy to perform soft tissue procedures faster and more efficiently.  A key advantage with the Diode Laser is that it doesn’t cause inflammation and therefore the healing process is quicker and painless.   Traditional processes include uncomfortable drilling, scraping, and anesthesia induced numbness.  The Laser allows for a much more conservative, less traumatic and less invasive approach.