Why people choose us

Individual treatment plans

When you first become a patient Wayne, Richard and Annabelle will carry out a thorough examination of your teeth and mouth to gain a clear picture of your dental health. This will include taking digital x-rays and setting up detailed records. At this stage your dentist will be able to prioritise what dental work, if any, is required. In consultation with you we will then develop your Individual Treatment Plan and if necessary, explain options and treatments depending on your budget and preference.  For those with good dental health an Individual Treatment Plan could just be the scheduling of regular visits to your dentist and Kelly our Hygienist. We know that regular visits maintain good oral health and prevent problems from developing.

Gentle dentistry from highly professional & experienced team

We practice gentle dentistry and, when we can, prefer to offer patients the most minimally invasive options. Wayne, Richard and Annabelle are all very experienced dentists, both Wayne and Richard have been dentists for over 30 years. We take advantage of the latest dental technology which mean less painful processes, less discomfort and faster more efficient procedures.

Latest technology & procedures, CEREC pioneer

We continue to invest in the latest technology for the benefit of our patients.  These include:

Digital X-Rays
CEREC Ceramic Reconstruction
Lasers – the future of gum surgery

Registered Hygienist, employed the first NZ qualified

Riccarton Dentists were the first dental practice in the South Island to introduce a full time Hygienist, having had one at the practice since they first opened in 1991. In 1995 we were also the first dental practice in New Zealand to employ a NZ qualified dental hygienist, having participated in the training programme.  Our Hygienist Kelly Jenkins has been registered since 2002 and is a preventive oral health professional who graduated from an accredited dental hygiene program. Kelly provides educational, clinical, research, administrative, and therapeutic services supporting total well being through the promotion of optimal oral health. We know that regular visits with Kelly, which depending on Individual Treatment Plans could be annually or 6 monthly are a major contributor to ongoing oral health. Good oral hygiene habits are important for everyone but are essential for those with other health issues, such as artificial joint replacement, diabetes or those at risk of heart attacks or strokes.

Convenient location & parking

We are on Matipo Street, opposite Riccarton Mall with plenty of parking at the rear of the practice.   Click here for a map.

Stress free, relaxing, comfortable surroundings

Our waiting room is comfortable and relaxing and our staff are friendly and welcoming. We understand that for some people visiting a dentist can be stressful and so we aim to put you at ease.