CEREC Ceramic Reconstruction

Riccarton Dentists was an early pioneer of CEREC Ceramic Reconstruction. Since then Wayne and Richard have successfully completed thousands of these highly effective teeth restorations.

The CEREC method is a chairside CAD/CAM restorative procedure that uses precise computer-aided technology to scan, design, make and fit your tooth restoration all on site and in one visit at Riccarton Dentists.

These tooth coloured ceramic restorations are a simple and convenient way of restoring strength to teeth that have been weakened by old amalgam fillings. Over twenty years of study on this material proves its longevity.

Latest technology – the CEREC Omnicam

Ricccarton Dentists are committed to providing their patients with cutting edge dentistry and have recently purchased the CEREC Omnicam, the world’s most advanced intra-oral camera. The Omnicam provides even more precision in preparing a new ceramic tooth.

The Omnicam precisely scans the tooth in 3D, replicating the image on the CEREC computer screen. Your dentist can show you the full colour 3D image or even play back video of your mouth examination. Using the CEREC CAD/CAM your dentist then designs the tooth restoration whilst you relax. Once designed, your dentist selects a ceramic block matching your tooth colour and places it in the milling machine. The new all-ceramic tooth is then crafted and finished ready for your dentist to bond in place. The precise way in which the tooth is scanned, designed and milled ensures the CEREC restoration not only fits perfectly to your remaining tooth structure but strengthens it. You can read more about the Omnicam here.

What is CEREC?

The name CEREC is an acronym that stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. The method was developed by Dr Werner Moermann and Dr Markus Brandistini in 1985 at the University of Zürich in Switzerland. Since this time CEREC, by Sirona, has undergone continuous technical and clinical developments.

Sirona’s CEREC CAD/CAM dental restoration method simultaneously designs and mills, enabling the dentist to prepare perfectly fitted ceramic restorations in one patient visit, with huge savings in time and laboratory costs.

Why Choose CEREC?


Everything is done in one appointment. No impressions, no temporaries, no need for a second injection. The CEREC Dentist uses computer aided technology on site, no need to send impressions to the lab and wait for a technician to make the restoration. Your new tooth is milled at your dental practice, while you wait and then fitted in the same appointment.


Protects and Preserves your own tooth’s structural integrity. A safe and conserving alternative to grinding down teeth for crowns. Also, if your CEREC needs replacing in 20 years’ time – you still have some original tooth to work with.

Strong, beautiful teeth

Strength of gold, looks of natural teeth. No more metal mouth, your smile no longer reveals your dental history.

Long lasting and durable

They fit so precisely, they bond to tooth structure and make the tooth stronger.


Unlike metal restorations, CEREC are inert and non-allergenic and do not release any chemicals. Closely matching the composition of your natural teeth, they expand and contract just like natural teeth when exposed to changes in temperature.

Would you like to learn more. Read about the CEREC procedure from a patient’s perspective, in CEREC A Patient’s Story.